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Learn the tactics used to succeed in lead generation and to create sustainable customer growth
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At John Ayers Marketing (J.A.M.) , our passion is helping businesses develop R.O.I. focussed customer growth strategies.

Are you looking to develop a platform that will explode your business and is based on results, not promises? We consult with companies looking to grow their customer base, fill their lead pipeline and hold their marketing accountable.

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Why you need to increase your conversions, not conversations
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Why marketers should continue to send you e-mail
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How Google Works
Great animated infographic on How Google Works put together by our friends at Quicksprout. If you want to ...
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John Ayers draws a wealth of experience and passion for global entrepreneurship and tackling challenges businesses face in today’s digital world. In Arizona, Ayers has been able to scale, build and exit several self-funded companies including an interactive pay-for-performance lead generation firm, and a MedTech firm through architecting technology and customer growth.

John received his Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design from University of Illinois-Champaign and has served on the board of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) as well as the Arizona EO Accelerator Program.


mike coy paidsuite

John's insight into sales and marketing strategy was very valuable as the other help received with John Ayers Consulting. His ability to connect companies and individuals makes him a strong leader and a valuable friend.

Mike Coy - CRO of PaidSuite

donna sneed ebay

John Ayers has great leadership qualities in the areas of management and innovation.

Donna Sneed - Senior Product Manager at eBay


John Ayers has the ability to think outside the box, and apply his working knowledge of marketing online and offline to create extra streams of profit for almost any business.

Dave Nevogt-  Co-Founder of Hubstaff